Beverly Hills: the two orders of architecture

Where ordinary life meets eclecticism

It’s not really common to see people walking around the neighborhood of Beverly Hills, as they prefer to drive. Yet, walking around there is like being a tourist in a non touristy place. The buildings which one sees are built with a mixture of elements taken from different traditions. There are two main styles, sitting next to each other in the same rich neighborhood.



The first order is close to the Atlantic-European colonial house style: dutch, british and german. A story and half high, steep roof, wood frame used also as decoration and plenty of gables. Those houses were originally designed to stand storms and heavy snow loads, which are not common at all in Los Angeles. Those houses are similar to the Cape Cod houses, a style born in New England in the 17th century with the colonists who came from England.


The second one is a mixture of spanish colonial and neo-palladian style. Two stories, mediterranean roof, covered in plaster and painted with soft warm shades of yellow. They can also have a tall porch with classic columns at the entrance.

Both styles are surrounded by a rich green vegetation and flowers. Obviously there are plenty of palm trees in the courtyard, as they are the symbol of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

di Nicola Manzini


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